Business Agents are representatives of the Local Union with many roles including negotiator, grievance handler, organizer, trainer and mediator. They are appointed by your elected executive board to uphold the companies to your negotiated rights and benefits. 


Darren Bradley- Secretary- Treasurer, Business Agent

Brother Bradley is the Secretary- Treasurer of Teamsters Local 767 Brother Bradley is a 38 year Teamster. He started his career with UPS at the Mesquite HUB as a part time employee. He worked as an Unloader, Sorter, and Irregular Runner before moving to package car driver. He is a Feeder Driver on a Sleeper Team out of the DFW building. Brother Bradley works at the Union Hall as a Business Agent. 

Brother Bradley’s mission is to “ promote unionism as a positive force in Local 767 through commitment, unmatched work ethic, solidarity and real leadership.”

Joe Garcia- Vice President, Business Agent

Brother Garcia was elected Vice President of Teamsters Local 767 and has been a proud Teamster for nearly 30 years. He has worked in the Fort Worth, Independence and Haslet buildings. He has served as an Executive Board member as a Trustee, Shop Steward and excelled at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Leadership Academy in Washington. He was most recently elected as a Delegate to represent Local 767 at the 30th IBT Convention. 

Brother Garcia’s mission is “to have aggressive representation and get our rank-and-file members involved. I want to represent the members and hold the company accountable.”

Carl Goff- Business Agent

Brother Goff was hired as a Package Car Driver off the street in the summer of 1983. He quickly became a Shop Steward for the Dallas UPS building. Brother Goff became a Business Agent in 2015 then went back to UPS in 2016 before he was brought back to the Teamsters Union hall in 2019 to present. 

Brother Goff’s mission statement is “to be the BA that I would want to have represent me. I will be honest and up front to each member I represent. I most of all want to bring unity to Local 767.”

Chris Gourley- Business Agent

Brother Gourley started his UPS career at the old Arlington center as a part time preloader in 2001. He then became a full-time Driver in 2003. Brother Gourley quickly became a Shop Steward in 2010 when he transferred to the Fort Worth building in the change of operations. He has worked as a Business Agent from 2016-2018 and was brought back to the Union Hall in June of 2020.

Brother Gourley’s mission is “to represent the membership to the best of my ability. My goal is to educate the Stewards and members to ensure we are as unified as possible.”

Mark Lyle- Business Agent

Brother Lyle is a long time member and Steward out of the Lonestar/ Arlington UPS building. He started his career as a part timer and quickly became a Shop Steward and resource for membership. He was a full-time Package Car Driver from 1998-2009 before becoming a Business Agent in 2010. He served a BA from 2010-2015 and then an assistant BA from 2016-2018. He transitioned to a full-time Package Car Driver for the UPS Lonestar HUB/ Arlington Center. 

Brother Lyle’s mission statement is “with the leadership of New Vision, I feel we can make Teamsters Local 767 the greatest Local Union in the Southern Region. I want to participate with our Local Union’s leadership while helping the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union in securing and gaining better contracts for all.”

Scott Sexton-Business Agent

Brother Sexton became a full time UPS Package Car Driver in 1995 and has served as a union Shop Steward since 2003. He has previously worked at the union hall as a Business Agent and Political Action Coordinator from 2015 to 2018. Brother Sexton has a successful track record within internal organizing, mediation, and contract negotiations. 

Brother Sexton’s mission is “to change the direction of Local 767 so that we become the largest and most aggressive Local in the Southern Region. This mission will be accomplished by organizing members and fully supporting well trained Stewards in every shop.”

Thomas Edwards- Business Agent

Brother Edwards has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has been a Shop Steward since 2011, was elected as a Trustee and served as a Business Agent from 2016-2018. Brother Edwards was elected as a Delegate to represent Local 767 at the 30th IBT Convention before returning as a Business Agent in 2022.

Brother Edwards’ mission is “to motivate, support, encourage, and organize the next generation of Teamsters. Only through solidarity and action can the vision of Local 767 becoming a powerful and respected local for our members become a reality.”

Brandon Hubbard- Business Agent

Brother Hubbard has served as a Steward and Sergeant-at-Arms for Teamsters Local 767. He has completed IBT organizing training and organizing workshops. Brother Hubbard started as a seasonal worker for UPS in 2004. He has worked as a Preloader and TCD and became a Full-Time Driver for UPS. 

Brother Hubbard’s mission statement is “to serve by educating the members on their rights as Teamsters. I want to serve the Stewards by educating them on their very important role in engaging, educating, and protecting the members. I will continually be committed to organizing and growing the membership.”

Fernando Romo – Business Agent

Brother Romo is a 30 year Teamster Brother. He started working on the Dallas Preload in 1992 and became a full-time package car driver in 1998. In 2004, he became a Feeder driver. Brother Romo has served as a Union steward since 1999 and served as Secretary Treasurer and Business Agent from 2019 to 2021.

Brother Romo’s mission statement is “I am excited to have the opportunity to help our current administration in the fight against the company.”

Vincent “Vinny” Robinson- Business Agent

Brother Robinson started his UPS career in 2004 as a Package Handler on Preload. He quickly became a Shop Steward in 2006. Brother Robinson has been a RPCD since 2008. He is also a proud member of the Teamsters National Black Caucus. 

Brother Robinson’s mission is “to build strong representation for members of Local 767 and grow the membership. I want to help Local 767 in a bigger role in representing the members, enforcing the contract and helping build a better union.”

Frankie Alvarado – Business Agent

Brother Alvarado started with UPS in 1993 at DFW and has been a Feeder/Sleeper team driver for the last 15 years. He became a Union Steward in 2015. Brother Alvarado became a Business Agent starting in 2020.

Brother Alvarado’s mission is to “keep pushing the company and enforcing the contract. I will continue to educate our members and support our stewards on the stoop floor.”

Anthony Treppiccione – Business Agent

Brother Treppiccione has been a Teamster since 2005. He started his UPS career in Arlington. He has been in Feeders since 2014 and part of a Sleeper team at Independence and Haslet. He was appointed a steward in 2019. Brother Treppiccione was elected as Trustee for Local 767 from 2019-2021.

Brother Treppiccione’s mission is to “help unionism thrive in our Local through service and aggressive representation.”

Jamie Moreno-Assistant Business Agent

Brother Moreno will serve as an assistant Business Agent for Teamsters Local 767.