Americold Contract Passes by 95%

On May 17, 2019, the Americold Contract was approved by 95%. 81% of the eligible membership voted in the process. The new language will deliver many new improvements, including an immediate raise in pay.

We will update once the contract books are available in addition to posting the ratified language on the website (it is available as the tentative agreement here).

Tentative Agreement Reached Between Teamsters Local 767 & Americold Meacham and Railhead

Teamsters Local 767 is pleased to announce that a tentative four-year agreement with Americold Logistics has been reached.  

We won great improvements to the language including: streamlining the grievance process, increasing the time employees have to file a grievance, and lowering the amount of time the company has to discipline associates.  

Additionally, we improved the overtime process to “no call needed” to allow members’ abilities to plan their days around the overtime more efficiently. With this new agreement, the overtime will have to be attached to the scheduled shift or on Day Off only.

Associates will now be allowed to roll over sick time to the new calendar year.

Wages were improved across the board for all four classifications:

  • For maintenance, we negotiated a significant bump in the first year with great raises in years 2,3,4.
  • LTO and Inventory both shall receive the following raises: 

                                                2019: $  .51

                                                2020: $  .52

                                                2021: $  .54

                                                2022: $  .55

  • Janitor shall receive the following raises:

                                                2019: $  .42

                                                2020: $  .43

                                                2021: $  .45

                                                2022: $  .46

The company additionally has agreed to retroactive pay after ratification. Voting will take place on May 17.

To view the entire tentative agreement, please view the link below:

Americold: Progress in Action

Working together for the future contract.

With the first round of Americold negotiations in conclusion, President Perrier and Business Agents Andrew Reddell, Bobby Jach, Dan Williams, and Aldo Trevino took time this week to connect with affected employees, briefing our Brothers and Sisters about the proceedings.

The group toured the main facility and listened to workers between shifts, stressing the importance of solidarity and increased activity.

Our current bargaining agreement with Americold is slated to expire on February 18th. More updates will follow shortly on those efforts.