News and Updates

Member Appreciation

House of Blues Ticket Giveaway: Congrats to today’s surprise winners. Watch to see whose names were drawn, Teamsters! (We used the members’ names who interacted with our post on Facebook this week; thank you, Brothers and Sisters.)

Pssssst: Brothers Bryan Locke and Ty Forsman, enjoy your 16 tickets to 4 shows EACH. Stop by the hall to pick them up or give us a call, and we’ll put them in the mail for you. Hurry, hurry, though. The first show of the four dates is tonight! Give us a holler at (817) 429-9863, ext. 100.

Shop Visits, Local Hearings, Bulletin Boards Infinity!

We enjoyed connecting with so many of you today, Teamsters! BAs Schenfeld and Killion conducted a shop visit at UPS McKinney where they visited with lots of drivers prior to the start of their days and surprised hardworking Steward Garfield Hooper with a set of concert tickets, thoughtfully donated by House of Blues Dallas.

Amongst topics discussed were Workers’ Comp assistance and how to properly present an 8 Hour Request Form. Awesome crew up there! Afterward, Schenfeld and Killion attended local level hearings and reviewed pending cases.

In the early pre-pre-pre-dawn hours, President Perrier and BAs Andrew Reddell and Bobby Jach left to meet with a UPS Feeder Driver in Wichita Falls, TX, at 3 am. Then they traveled to Vernon to be present when Feeders were coming and going and to catch the Pre-load and Package Car employees. Shortly after sunrise, the three quickly hopped back to Wichita Falls, where they were able to visit with that facility’s Package Car and Pre-load sort, as well. While there, BAs Reddell and Jach changed the Vernon bulletin boards in the front and back of the building so members had current information, including the URL to our new website. It’s especially important for our most rural and long distance hubs to know they have access through additional means since traveling to the Union Hall is understandably more difficult for them.

At UPS DFW, Business Agent Ben Scott sat in on local level hearings with UPS labor management (his first of the day, that is). Marine, longtime Teamster, and UPSer Brent Camp, DFW Day Air Ramp, was excited to receive the day’s second set of surprise, free concert tickets, also donated by HoB Dallas. Thanks for your hard work and decades-long service to our country, Brent. Enjoy the show!

Of course, this is just a brief snapshot of some of our shop visits, meetings, and other happenings today, but…you get the idea! If you see us at your hub, don’t be shy. Come introduce yourself, Brothers and Sisters. We are a Teamster family and we care about you.

Updated Bulletin Boards

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been busy updating bulletin boards with current information. There are a ton, and we want to reach every member, so we are looking for stewards in each work area who can monitor these important communication boards. Contact your Business Agent for more details.

Many thanks to Brother Eric King for putting together the graphics, PDFs, and for generating bulletin board packets. We are so grateful for your hard work.

Newly updated communication board at Americold

2019 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 program benefiting college-bound, high school seniors from Teamster families since 1999. To read more, visit the website (here). The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2019. Best of luck, all!

If you’d like to print a poster to share with your fellow Teamsters who are parents, we’ve uploaded a PDF below.

A Running Start

This administration hit the ground running full steam ahead at midnight on New Year’s Day and hasn’t taken a day off since. There is a lot involved in the changing of hands within a Local’s leadership and staff, and we have worked many long hours in order to achieve this goal in a timely, organized manner while simultaneously serving your ongoing needs.

Shop Visits: Can’t Stop/Won’t Stop! We Work for You.

With the transition team back at the office completing various support tasks, your agents were able to begin representing workers at job sites immediately. Here are just a few of those reports:

UPS Dallas, 5:30 am. Thanks to Eric King for creating informative literature for the members!

At the UPS Dallas Hub, Business Agent Aldo Trevino was able to return an off-the-clock employee back to work on the same day as his long-awaited hearing. Within the same facility, BAs spent hours observing necessary changes needed to improve work conditions, including many instances of supervisors working. This was addressed immediately with management and will continue to be reviewed and monitored.

Additionally, multiple BAs visited the UPS Independence Hub and observed the operation inside that facility. President Perrier and BA Jeff Schenfeld traveled to UPS Palestine to speak with employees there about what they would like to see going forward from our Local leaders and representatives.

Planning and Training to Secure Your Future

BA Andrew Reddell and Assistant BA Dan Williams welcomed Americold Stewards last week and began contract discussions for employees at those two facilities. Throughout the week, we’ve hosted various internal Americold meetings and have already started planning the tedious upcoming negotiation period. Former BA Brother Scott Sexton has provided assistance during this time, and we appreciate his support.

Longtime BA Richard Devries from Teamsters Local 705 training new BAs and Stewards from various work sites.

Business Agents, along with various Stewards who assisted during the transitional process (more training to follow shortly for all), attended a three-day, Friday-through-Sunday course led by Local 705’s Richard Devries. Brother Devries has served as a Business Agent for many years and has a decades-long history of activism with the Teamsters Labor Union. Many thanks to Brother Devries for sharing his knowledge with our Local.

A New Year, a New Direction

A New Beginning

As the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2019, your Executive Board Officers and transition team immediately began the process of swearing in the new leadership and assessing immediate needs. The team was so pleasantly surprised and encouraged to see many excited members who stopped by the Local to offer support and best wishes for the incoming administration. Here are some candid photos from that first morning. Brothers and Sisters, many thanks. We are looking forward to serving alongside each of all 9,000+ of you!


At Teamsters Local 767, we have an actively engaged Executive Officer Board in addition to a highly qualified staff of professional office employees and Business Agents, who understand your specific Union needs. We stand in solidarity as your Brothers and Sisters, so feel free to contact us anytime.

For information about your Teamsters Local Union 767 Executive Officer Board, please visit this page (here).

For general office queries and grievance processing information, benefits and pension information, dues and bookkeeping, visit a listing of staff (here).

To determine or contact your job site’s Business Agent for questions pertaining to the contract or representation, please view this listing (here).

If you’re uncertain, allow us to direct you through our front desk: (817) 429-9863, ext. 100, which is available Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm. Please leave a message outside of those hours, and we’ll return your call.