Executive Board

Our Executive Board officers are hardworking members from Teamsters Local Union 767–just like you! These individuals are elected by the membership to represent the best interests of your Local and are highly committed to leading through equality, financial prudence, and providing opportunities that empower us to grow not only as a labor organization, but also as leaders in our communities.

Andrew Reddell, President/Principal Officer

Andrew Reddell started his career as a Teamster with UPS in 1996 and worked at DFW, Dallas and Independence. He has worked in numerous classifications within his teamster career at UPS including part time as package handler and full-time as a Package Car Driver and Feeder Driver. He spent quite few years as a steward, working daily with great Teamsters, which allowed him an opportunity to fulfill his passion for serving his fellow workers through the years and ultimately brought him to where he is now. He was nominated and approved as a Business Agent in 2019 and is now serving in his new appointed position, by our Executive Board, as President/Principal Officer of this great Local. Brother Reddell’s other priority, outside of the local membership, is to his family. He is married to his high school sweetheart Felicia and they share much pride and joy in raising, teaching and cheering on their three children. He also volunteers within the community and teaches Sunday school.

President Reddell can be reached at (817) 429-9863, Ext. 105, Email areddell@local767.com

Secretary-Treasurer Fernando Romo

Fernando Romo, Secretary-Treasurer

Fernando Romo began his journey as a UPS Teamster in the Dallas Pre-load in 1992, successfully bidding into a Feeder Driver position in 2004. He has faithfully led the membership as a valued steward and brings with him an important work ethic and desire to further serve his Brothers and Sisters as an elected officer of Teamsters Local Union 767. Romo recognizes the need for fair and equal leadership through strong representation. Additionally, he is committed to securing the financial matters of our Local Union treasury and honors transparency as a basic tenet of trust and longevity, benefiting each member in each craft and at every job site.

Please contact Secretary-Treasurer Romo with any needs or concerns at (817) 429-9863, Ext. 107, Email fromo@local767.com.

Vice President Tony Baker

Tony Baker, Vice President

Tony signed up to become a proud Teamster in 1987 upon beginning his career at United Parcel Service’s Mesquite facility as a part-time employee. Two years later, he was chosen by his co-workers to serve as a Union Steward. In May 2000, Vice President Baker went full-time as an Article 22.3 Combo, which is the position he held upon becoming a Business Agent and officer of the Local Union. After several decades of experience, including over a decade serving the members as an agent, Tony has always and will continue to fight for the rights of our Brothers and Sisters.

Vice President Baker can be contacted at (817) 429-9863, Ext. 111, Email tbaker2@local767.com.

Recording Secretary
Debbie Jennings

Debbie Jennings, Recording Secretary

Because of her experience and work history in this industry and beyond, Recording Secretary Jennings knows the reality and plights union organizers and employees face to protect and secure workers’ rights. She is unafraid to fight for what’s fair and is honored to serve our Brothers and Sisters in this membership. 

Debbie was hired by UPS in 2003 and currently works as a Feeder Driver at the Independence Hub. Having initiated an organizing campaign in 1994 against the unfair labor practices of another shipping company, Debbie grasps the importance of Union involvement and growth.

Recording Secretary Jennings can be contacted at djennings@local767.com.

Benny Brooks, Trustee

Benny Brooks, Trustee, Political Director

Benny started his career with UPS in the fall of 1988 as a part-time Pre-loader and has since worked almost every Union job classification UPS offers. His first-hand perspective is invaluable to the team. Over his 30-plus-year employment, Benny served as a Shop Steward, ensuring union members in every operation always had knowledgeable representation. Additionally, Trustee Brooks, a true believer of the power of many, is politically active in his personal time, helping promote the union and educating members about the importance of civic engagement.

He’s the proud father of three children–two adult sons, a young daughter–and one grandson. When not working, Brother Benny likes to spend time with his family, teaching them to appreciate the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and working on cars.

Trustee Brooks can be contacted at bbrooks@local767.com.

Fred Combs, Trustee

Fred Combs, Trustee

A longstanding member of our Union with over thirty years experience working at UPS — two decades of that spent serving members as a steward–Fred Combs is excited to extend his leadership as a Trustee.

In 1986, Brother Combs started off in the Mesquite hub as a part-time Unloader before moving to the yard as a Shifter and eventually bidding into a Feeder Driver job, which is the current position he holds. Trustee Combs strives to ensure dignity and respect are present in our Union Hall — a place where ALL voices will be heard.

Trustee Combs can be contacted at fcombs@local767.com.

Anthony Treppiccione, Trustee

Anthony Treppiccione, Trustee

A proud Teamster, Anthony started on the Pre-load with UPS in 2005 at the Arlington building. His vantage point is unique and helpful as a worker, who has been employed at many UPS facilities. In the summer of 2006, he became a TCD Driver, and in March of 2008, Brother Treppiccione moved into a FT Package Car Driver job. In 2012, he followed work that was moved to the Forest Hill Center of the Fort Worth Hub, and in 2014, started as a UPS Feeder Driver. The same year, Anthony moved with new work to the Independence building, and by 2016 began work as a Sleeper Team Driver, which is the job he currently holds. A staunch advocate for Rank and File representation and participation, Trepp, as he’s affectionately known, believes a strong union starts with the members.

With his wife Erin, Trustee Treppiccione has 3 sons: Trent, Alex, and John, all of whom he loves dearly, and considers his parental role with paramount responsibility.

Trustee Treppiccione can be contacted at atreppiccione@local767.com.