Meet your TLU767 Executive Board

Dave Reeves, President/ Principal Officer

President Reeves started working for UPS in 1999 at the DFW Air Hub. He worked multiple part time jobs before becoming a full-time package car driver in 2005. Shortly after, he became a shop steward and then a Business Agent. He has represented Feeders, Package, Combo, Mechanics, Plant Engineering, and part-time members at multiple HUBS throughout the Local 767 jurisdiction. President Reeves has successfully represented the members at all levels of the Southern Region Panel and participated in multiple successful arbitrations and the National Panel. He has worked as the internal organizer for TLU767 to grow a strong and large membership. He served the membership as a Delegate to the 30th International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention where the 2/3’s rule was successfully eliminated. He was brought back on to serve as a business agent in 2021 and was elected as President and Principal Officer and took office in January 2022. 

Darren Bradley, Secretary -Treasurer

Brother Bradley is a 38 year Teamster . He started his career with UPS at the Dallas HUB as a part time employee. He then transferred to the Mesquite building working as an unloader, sorter, and irregular runner before moving to package car driver for the Dallas building. He is a feeder driver on a sleeper team out of the DFW building. Brother Bradley works at the Union Hall as a Business Agent.

Brother Bradley’s mission is to “promote unionism as a positive force in Local 767 through commitment and unmatched work ethic solidarity and real leadership.”

Joe Garcia, Vice President

Brother Garcia has been a proud Teamster for nearly 30 years. He is a second-generation union member, with both his father and mother serving as active union members at their perspective unions. Brother Garcia started his UPS career in 1992 on twilight, became a TCD in 1996, and RPCD in 1997. He has worked in the Fort Worth, Independence and Haslet buildings. He has served as an Executive Board member as a trustee, shop steward and excelled at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Leadership Academy in Washington. He was most recently elected as a Delegate to represent Local 767 at the 30th IBT Convention. 

Brother Garcia’s mission is “to have aggressive representation and get our rank-and-file members involved. I want to represent the members and hold the company accountable.”

Lisa Laminack, Recording Secretary

Sister Laminack is a 25 year Teamster out of the Waco UPS building. She has served as Recording Secretary for Local 767 Executive Board, shop steward, as well as serving on the 767 Women’s Committee. Sister Laminack’s husband is an RPCD as well as a long time Teamster. 

Sister Laminack’s mission is “to see 767 reach new heights. Through hard work and determination, my fellow officers and I will see this goal become a reality.”

Charles Boddie, Trustee

Brother Boddie is a second-generation Teamster with deep union ties. He started working for UPS during peak season of 1984 on the reload and moved to preload in 1987. He went RPCD in 1989 and became a backup feeder driver shortly after. He transitioned to full time feeders in 2011. Brother Boddie was elected and served as the primary shop steward in Longview. He went on to recruit and train the next generation of shop stewards in Longview, instilling the importance of strong representation. He attended Kilgore College, majoring in Industrial Management and Aviation. 

Brother Boddie’s mission is “to help others, and do the right thing.”

Otis Chambers, Trustee

Brother Chambers is a 21+ year Teamster out of the UPS DFW Air HUB. Brother Chambers started out part-time at the DFW sunrise ramp. He currently works out of the DFW building as night and sunrise combo. Brother Chambers is a shop Steward and is commonly referred to as being “The People’s Champ” Brother Chambers is a second generation Teamster and credits growing up in a union household for teaching him the importance of unions. 

Brother Chambers’ mission is “for all bargaining unit employees to come together and hold the companies feet to the fire.”

Don Pontecorvo, Trustee

Brother Pontecorvo started his career with UPS as a part time package handler in 1993 at the Dallas Metro HUB. In 1996 he was selected to be represent the Union as a steward. He went from driving TCD to quickly becoming RPCD. He has represented the members as a Business Agent, shop steward, and Convention Delegate. Brother Pontecorvo was most recently elected as an Alternate Delegate at the 30th IBT Delegate Convention. 

Brother Pontecorvo’s mission is to “empower our union through extensive organizing, aggressive representation, and strong member communication and presence on the shop floor.”