The 30th Annual International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention is over!

This week Teamsters Local 767 hosted your Elected Delegates and Alternate Delegates for the 30thInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention. It was the first time in the Unions 118-year history the event was held virtually. 

Every five years, Teamsters from across the country gather for our International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) convention. This is our opportunity to debate and vote on operations and governance of our Union and to nominate leaders for our International Union’s Executive Board. 

During the convention, delegates meet to engage in the work of the Union. Delegates propose, debate, and vote on amendments to the IBT Constitution.  These amendments cover issues as diverse as organizing, strike assistance, negotiation policy, etc. 

Resolutions that are not part of the Constitution are also brought to the floor of the convention for debate and a vote.  Resolutions tend to focus on issues of justice and fairness for workers.

Delegates will also vote on amendments to the Teamster Convention, including:

  •         Protecting our right to elect International Union officers 
  •         Eliminating the “2/3 rule” so we have majority rule on contract votes 
  •         Including rank-and-file members on bargaining committees 
  •         Improving strike benefits 

The number of delegates from each Local is determined by membership size. 

Being one of the largest Locals in the Southern Region, Teamsters Local 767 was represented by 10 Delegates and 4 Alternate Delegates at the Convention. 

Chartered in 1956, Dallas-Fort Worth-based Teamsters Local Union 767 serves the labor needs of employees at Americold, Safran, and UPS. President and Principal Officer Dave Reeves, presiding. (817) 429-9863.

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