CALL TO ACTION: Sky Chef needs our power!

Join us as we stand with our brothers and sisters, Sky Chef workers, as they fight for a living wage. Informational pickets will be held every Thursday from 3:30pm until 5:30pm and on Fridays from 1pm until 3pm beginning in July at DFW Airport, Terminal D between gates 21-40. Park at Terminal D; they will be wearing red UNITE HERE! Local 23 shirts.

Those union workers, represented nationwide and locally by UNITE HERE!, as well as by Teamsters in other areas, will be holding two informational pickets per week indefinitely and planning a LARGE ACTION on August 13 [BE THERE!]. 

Because they are under the Railway Labor Act, these workers have to be released by the federal government to legally strike—that is why they are limited to informational picketing for now, and it’s also why they need broad public and union support to increase the visibility of their campaign. 

For more info about the plight of these workers, follow this link.

Chartered in 1956, Dallas-Fort Worth-based Teamsters Local Union 767 serves the labor needs of employees at Americold, Safran, and UPS. President and Principal Officer Dave Reeves, presiding. (817) 429-9863.

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