We mentioned in the previous post we have some big news to share: Last week Teamsters Local 767 presented the lead case at the National Grievance Panel for the Premium Services Committee. In a nationwide, precedent-setting decision, Business Agent Andrew Reddell successfully defended and defined language upholding Article 43 guidelines.

Incorrectly, the company maintained an employee is only eligible to receive 6th and 7th punch pay for work performed outside of a complete sleeper job if that job is the employee’s bid position. This meant many workers, who are covering those routes and still reporting for 6th and 7th punches, were not being paid properly according to the Local’s interpretation of the contract.

Teamsters Local 767 and Business Agent Reddell argued this unjust practice before the panel and received a positive ruling, which will change the way UPS pays its drivers nationwide in these circumstances. All work performed outside of a complete sleeper job is definitively considered a 6th/7th punch.

We’d like to congratulate Business Agent Andrew Reddell on this major victory–a job very well done, benefitting thousands upon thousands of Teamster Brothers and Sisters across the country.

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