Welcome Teamsters

Chartered in 1956, Teamsters Local Union 767 proudly serves the labor needs of employees at Americold, Safran, and UPS. At Teamsters Local 767, we have an actively engaged Executive Officer Board as well as a highly qualified staff of professional office employees and Business Agents. Teamsters Local 767 understands your specific union needs. We stand in solidarity as your Brothers and Sisters.

Introducing a FREE online way to submit your grievances. Once your grievance is complete, simply click the link to submit to the union hall. Need Help? Watch the video on the link for further instructions.

It’s more important than ever to join with your co-workers as a union member to protect your rights and ensure working people continue to have respect and a voice on the job. If you are not already a full member, please fill out the application form above and submit to join Teamsters Local 767.